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Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved with Cornerstone Church, and participating in the life of the church community is one of the main ways that people can find a sense of connection. From finding a space to give of your time and skills as a volunteer, becoming a member, or answering the call to baptism; all of these help us to connect and feel a part of the life of the church.


Volunteering at Cornerstone Church is a great way to make a difference in the lives of people in our community.

Whether you are welcoming people to a service, working with young people in our Kidzone program, or making that perfect barista coffee, every volunteer has the chance to make another person’s experience at church a positive one.

Not sure which area would be the best fit for you? That’s okay … just get in touch with us by clicking on the link below and we’ll work with you to find the place where you’ll fit the best.


At Cornerstone we call people to give their life to Jesus and also take the step of baptism to express their faith.

Jesus was baptised and calls those who turn and follow him to be baptised also.


When we believe in Jesus we have become members of his body, of his family, the church.

Membership is a way to show our connection and commitment to Christ through a local church. As members we have more participation and ownership of the life of the church.  

Facility Hire

Cornerstone Church is located at 1 Grace Court, West Busselton and has three main areas available for hire.

Auditorium: including access to toilets, kitchen and audio visual equipment (may require hiring of an operator)

Classroom: including limited kitchen facilities and audio-visual equipment

Office: including access to kitchenette and limited reception assistance.

Rates for these rooms are available on request.